Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Band "Missing Persons" Re-unites For New Album And Tour!

After 24 years, Warren Cuccurollo is reuniting with Missing Persons, featuring lead singer Dale Bozzio. Many people hail Dale Bozzio as the original Lady Gaga. Warren was initially with Frank Zappa, before moving on to Missing Persons and then Duran Duran. Missing Persons disbanded in 1987 after a string of hits and a huge “cult” following. Missing Persons has now reformed for a world tour and a new album.
In 1980, Cuccurullo and the two Bozzios, Terry and Dale, formed Missing Persons, added Patrick O’Hearn and Chuck Wild, recorded a 4-song EP called ‘Missing Persons’, toured, promoted the EP, and appeared in the movie Lunch Wagon. Two years of hard work led to a signing with Capitol Records in 1982, the release of the album Spring Session M, and the subsequent success of Missing Persons on radio and MTV. The singles “Mental Hopscotch”, “Destination Unknown,” “Walking in L.A.,” “Words,” and “Windows” all met with success. The band appeared at the three-day Southern California concert, the US Festival in May 1983. In 1984, Cuccurullo invented a new type of guitar he called the “Missing Link”, and used it on the experimental album Rhyme and Reason (1984). The band followed up with the more conventional Color In Your Life in June 1986, but during the short-lived promotional tour, increasing tensions between then-husband and wife, Terry and Dale Bozzio, led to the end of the tour and the band.
Dale Bozzio was the main creative focus of Missing Persons, one of the 80′s most provocative new music aggregates; singer/ songwriter/ conceptualist Dale had a habit of turning up at just the right time, in just the right place. Like at the top of alternative international music charts, on critics “Best Of Lists” and on concert stages where her distinctive voice and dazzling good looks earned her a fervent following worldwide. In 2010, Dale has signed a worldwide distribution agreement for her new album ” Make Love Not War ” with leading Australian Indie Label ” Blue Pie Records “. As the CEO, Damien Reilly says ” We are honored to have Dale on the label. She is undoubtedly one of the 80′s biggest influencers of fashion and her unique vocal style can be heard today in other artists like Lady Gaga and Gwen Stefani. A fashion icon of all things 80′s in her day, the world has now come full circle to now totally appreciate her originality”.
This relationship with Blue Pie is flourishing and delivering results with a placement of Dale’s song ” Simple Simon ” in a new Australian independent film called ” Dealing with Destiny “. With a load of new interest in her music and all things “Missing Persons” it seems that everyone now wants to know the original ” Lady Gaga “. Do a Google and check out some of the shots of Dale in her prime and you’ll soon see that she could be mistaken for Lady Gaga. Dale has worked with many of the worlds super stars and is at home on the stage doing what she does best and that is entertaining her fans and making the world enjoy themselves for the moments that she shines with her magical pop powerhouse hits.

I have said it before, and I will say it again. Todays music is dull and un-inspiring. The 80s' Artists are returning more and more each week to again re-vitalize the music industry!  Taking us back to "The Awesome 80s"  Mac

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  1. I love 80s music, especially missing persons! They strike a big resemblance to Giorgio Moroder in my mind, probably that chugging bass synth sound. Did you know that Moroder did an entire renewal of Fritz Lang's cult classic sci-fi film Metropolis? He added a new soundtrack full of 80s rock/pop stars like Freddie Mercury (of Queen) and many more. Its one of my favorite movies, if youve never seen it I HIGHLY recommend it; check out that trailer at!