Friday, April 27, 2012

Ghost Busters' 3; Will This Movie Ever Be Made?

When one searches out information on the internet about the staus of "Ghost Busters' 3", a number of conflicting stories are found. One Hollywod insight franchise says that "Bill Murray" is" definitely not going to do the movie", while another says "It's a definite possibility" Most entertainment insiders' believe that if Bill Murray refuses to participate in the film in some way, that it probably will not be filmed. Does Murray believe the bscript is "Cheesey"? Has a even read the script? "Dan Akroyd", who is the major force behind making the sequel was recently quoted as saying "Bill Murray is definitely OUT".  The following piece on the other hand provideds' a glimmer of hope that Murray may in fact participate:

For many movie fans, Bill Murray has become a kind of grand statesman of comedy. Evolving from goofy antics of '80s comedies to some darker, more mind-bending ventures in the '90s like Groundhog Day, then to some bittersweet indies with a quirky sense of humor like The Royal Tenenbaums and Lost in Translation, he's emerged as a magnificent actor and funnyman with a fearless attraction to daring new material. But to many, many more he will always be remembered best as Dr. Peter Venkman of Ghostbusters. For better or worse, it's a movie he will always be asked to speak about, especially with Ghostbusters's co-star and screenwriter Dan Aykroyd's proposed Ghostbusters 3 ever looming.

The last we heard on the proposed sequel was that Aykroyd had at long last admitted Bill Murray would have nothing to do with it. This sounded like the death rattle for Ghostbusters 3, and after hearing some of Aykroyd's horrifying pitches—including dispirited, crippled Ghostbusters, a dead Venkman, and some young blood in the form of female eye-candy, many fans of the original two movies were admittedly relieved. I mean, who wants to see their childhood heroes limping about being shown up by newer, flashier models? But none of this stopped Chicago reporter Pat Tomasulo from asking Murray about the sequel that will not die.

After some Cubs talk, the topic turns to movies, and Tomasulo asks about the "possibility of Ghostbusters 3" and if Murray would be "involved with that." In response, Murray admits, "It's a possibility," before quickly moving on to talk about Wes Anderson's latest Moonrise Kingdom, which he called, "One of the funniest [movies] I've ever been in."
So will he or won't he? Is this a Hollywood designed controversy to create buzz about the long awaited movie, or is this movie Dead in the water? Only time will tell!    Mac

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