Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"Def Leppard" And "Poison" On Tour Together Summer 2012 !

Talk about an Awesome 80s' Summer concert tour! Def Leppard and Poison touring the United States', filling up large venues like the Pepsi Center in Denver Colorado, like both bands' used to do back in the 80s'! The concert kicks off on June 20th in Salt lake City Utah, and so far extends through September 15th in Santa Barbara California. The popularity of these bands' I am sure will extend the tour even longer, with possible Canadian and European concerts being scheduled along the way! Get your tickets quickly for this one folks. Radio stations across the country are plugging this awesome 80s' concert for obvious reasons. Log on to Def Leppards' or Poisons' websites for additional concert details, or you can get more information and actually buy tickets for a show at http://www.ticketmojocheaptickets.com/ .
Can you imagine what the concert t-shirts will look like! Get out there and support your Awesome 80s Classic Bands'!   Mac

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  1. Seen Poison in concert last night in B'ham, AL. It was great. We took my step-son who is 11 and he had the best time ever.Got poison tickets .. If anyone is thinking of going, I would say do it. It is money well spent .