Thursday, May 17, 2012

The "Scorpions" Farewell Tour "Final Sting" Is Underway !

Awesome 80s' rock band "The Scorpions" have kicked off their final farewell concert tour "The Final Sting" on May 12th 2012 in Stuttgart Germany. This is a massive farewell tour with confirmed concert dates in Morocco, France, Belgium, Poland, Mexico, Boloivia, Paraguay and Brazil all confirmed. The tour has four stops' in the Ukraine and of course a huge series of concerts in the home land GERMANY. The boys have of course scheduled a massive North american fairwell tour as well, hitting a large number of American and Canadian cities as well. The old saying holds true: "All good Things Must Come To An End" Tommy Mac is definitely planning on attending the Denver Colorado concert wearing my old "Blackout" t-shirt. Full details of this awesome concert series is available at the bands' website  Make some time to say goodbye to one of the best 80s' rock bands to ever grace a stage!  Mac

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