Wednesday, October 31, 2012

‘Ghostbusters 3′ To Begin Shooting in Summer 2013 With Ivan Reitman Directing

Dan Aykroyd has been promising for years (decades?) that Ghostbusters 3 is right around the corner, but his undying commitment to the project has yet to pay off. Bill Murray bears his fair share of responsibility for that, as the comedic legend has seemingly never been that interested in the prospect of a third round of ghost-catching; however, Murray has avoided confirming his lack of involvement with the threequel (even referencing it as “a possibility” earlier this year).
Ghostbusters 3 at last began to show some genuine signs of (after)life again three months ago, when Etan Cohen (Men in Black III) struck a deal to rework the script. Later, Aykroyd reiterated his previous claims that Murray is passing on the film and voiced confidence that production will get underway sometime over the next year.

Well lets get this thing done already! It has been decades not just years!!  Mac

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