Friday, January 4, 2013

"Wang Chung" Back With A New Album And Upcoming Tour!

Wang Chung needs no introduction if you're familiar with such 80's hits as "Everybody
Have Fun Tonight" and "Dance Hall Days".  If you're not familiar with the UK duo, then
you're probably too young to know that these are the guys who influenced much of the
pop music you're hearing on the radio today.  With a musical history spanning 3
decades, Wang Chung reminds us on 'Tazer Up' why they topped the Billboard charts
and became an international success in their earlier years.

The duo opens the album paying homage to their #1 chart topping 80's hit, Dance Hall
Days, giving it a face-lift in the form of an awesome remix. And don't be alarmed by
thoughts of Tazer Up being an album by a band stuck in the 80's because it's far from
that. Wang Chung gives me everything on this album that I had hoped it would be; an
incredible compilation of non-stop hits that could very well bring their unique brand of
new wave pop-rock roaring back to the forefront of Top 40 radio.

Songs like "City of Light", "Let's Get Along", and my personal favorite "Rent Free", are all
great reasons to buy this album. Each of these songs (and the rest of the project) offers
new wave/dance and pop-rock music fans everything they have come to love about
popular music. With this release, Wang Chung is proving they're not just an 80's band.

The band has announced plans to begin a tour in the early spring of 2013 in support of 
the new album, and Tommy Macs' Awesome 80s' will keep you all posted on the upcoming
tour venues and dates. I have always loved Wang Chungs' music, and i highly recommend
this new release!  And now enjoy a classic song and video from Wang Chung (and a cool movie in 1985), "To Live And Die In LA" Here on Awesome 80s!     Tommy Mac

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