Friday, May 4, 2012

The "Atari Flashback 3" Classic Gaming Console Now Available!

Tommy Macs' Awesome 80s' is very excited about this brand new gaming console, that features 60 classic 80s' games-built right in. As with the first and second "Flashback" consoles, it resembles the classic Atari 2600 that the Awesome 80s' generation grew up on! The best thing about these new consoles? The games are programmed in-No cartridges are required! For $60.00 you can own and play 60 vintage Atari games and be whisked back to your teen or pre-teen years. I can tell you that I love my new console. Give me an actual joystick and one firing button like back in the day, and I am in video game HEAVEN!    Enjoy!     Mac

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