Friday, May 4, 2012

Awesome 80s' Artist "Billy Ocean" Back In The Limelight !

The last time that Tommy Macs' Awesome 80s' spoke of Billy Ocean, he was apparently perfectly happy being a retired Awesome 80s' artists that enjoyed vegetable gardening. Wow how things can change! A mere 13 months' later give or take, we find that Billys' been busy doing more than weeding his vegetable patch. Back on February second of this year, he released a brand new album entitled "because i love you", the title spelled out in lower case. In addition to the album release, a full scale European tour promoting the new album is currently underway! Billys' concert tour is scheduled to include a number of US concert dates by the end of Summer 2012. As I have said a thousand times before; Awesome 80s' Artists' have the inner desire to perform and entertain long after their top 40 success stories back in the day. Full details of Billy Oceans new album and concert tour are available at his new website,. Love the dreadlocks' Billy!  Tommy Macs' Awesome 80s' welcomes back a true 80s' legend to the ranks' of "Currently Performing Awesome 80s' Artist"!         Mac

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