Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bill Murray Says ‘Ghostbusters 3′ Is Still ‘A Possibility’

The last time Dan Aykroyd spoke in public about Ghostbusters 3, he referred to the project as being “in suspended animation” and said it was “a surety” that his costar, Bill Murray, will not be reprising his role as wise-cracker Peter Venkman in the threequel (should it happen). Reading between the lines, it sounded like Murray’s disinterest was going to ensure that the long-dormant supernatural horror/comedy franchise will remain undisturbed.
Murray has yet to confirm that he’s officially out of the question for a third round of catching specters. In fact, his most recent comments on the matter offer a sliver of hope that a third Ghostbusters flick could still be in the cards for him (whether the public likes it or not).During a recent interview with WGNTV, the actor primarily focused on enthusiastically talking up his most recent collaboration with filmmaker Wes Anderson on the upcoming Moonrise Kingdom. However, when faced with a customary question about whether or not Ghostbusters 3 is something he could appear in, Murray offered a simple, but polite response of “… Well, it’s a possibility.”
With all that said: don’t go reading too much into Murray’s comment. On the one hand, the actor’s been badgered with questions about Ghostbusters 3 for so many years now that it’s possible he’s finally decided that humoring people is the best course of action – as opposed to calling the project “a bunch of crock” or admitting that he’s not given the film’s script much thought.
On the other hand, the fact that Murray didn’t just flat out say that he won’t be involved with a third Ghostbusters flick could be interpreted as a sign that the 61-year-old comedy legend is finally ready to succumb to demands for him to make the movie. That’s also assuming those rumors about his response after reading the GB3 screenplay are indeed completely inaccurate (as Aykroyd has claimed).
We will continue to keep you posted on the status of Ghostbusters 3 in the future – and let you know if anything comes of this latest “development” in the story.

Not only is this the most “enthusiasm” (or something like that) which Murray has shown for the project since he showed up wearing a proton pack and Venkman’s GB uniform at the 2010 Spike TV SCREAM Awards, but this interview also marks the first occasion in recent years where the actor expressed something other than indifference for Ghostbusters 3. Well, sort of.

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