Thursday, January 3, 2013

"Mad Max 4 Fury Road" Will Be Released In 2013!

Producers have been working the angles for a number of years to produce a Mad Max sequel to "Beyond Thunderdome" released in 1985. Mel Gibson was going to reprise this awesome role at one point and then declined. Then, we started hearing rumors that actor "Tom Hardy" would take on the role of "Max Rockatansky". More time passed and and still no production dates were released, and it seemed like this incarnation of Max was a pipe dream. Well it is now official! Warner Brothers Pictures has confirmed that principal photography for "Mad Max 4 Fury Road" has just been completed, and is going into final production. Then about a week ago, the image above was released showing Tom Hardy in his official Mad Max attire! This movie is on the way folks, with a release date targeted for sometime in 2013. Tommy Macs'Awesome 80s' will keep you all posted as more information becomes available. Do you think that "Hardy" can give "Gibson" a run for his money? We shall soon see! Check out the leaked images from the new movie below!     Mac

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