Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"Rockwell" An Awesome 80s' One Hit Wonder...

Do you all remember Rockwells hit song and video in 1984 "Somebody's Watching Me"? I personally thought it was a great song, mostly due to the assistance of Michael and Jermaine Jackson with their vocals. So whatever became of Rockwell? Well, he actually released two more albums after his "breakthrough" and faded into Motown Records history shortly afterward. Apparently Rockwell without the "Jacksons" vocals simply did not cut the mustard.  "Somebody's Watching Me" however is still a favorite with Tommy Mac, as well as the creepy video. It personifies 80s videos of the day. Rockwell once announced publicly that he was "The New Face In Pop Music". If only thast had been true. Here is a little history of "Kennedy William Gordy", best known simply as "Rockwell", and his awesome 80s video. Enjoy! Mac

Rockwell is the son of Motown founder and CEO Barry Gordy and Margaret Norton. His father named him Kennedy William Gordy afterJohn F. Kennedy
 and William "Smokey" Robinson. To avoid seeming nepotistic, he secured his record deal without his father's knowledge. Motown actually came up with the name Rockwell and the young Gordy agreed to the change because he believed he "rocked well."
In 1984, Rockwell released his biggest hit single, "Somebody's Watching Me", featuring childhood friends Michael Jackson on guest vocals (notably in the chorus lyrics), and Jermaine Jackson singing back-up. "Somebody's Watching Me" became a Top 10 pop hit in both the US and UK, and a #1 R&B hit. Follow-up singles underperformed, however, with single "Obscene Phone Caller", being Rockwell's only other Top 40 single. This follow-up single reached #35 on the Billboard Hot 100. Rockwell soon ended his musical career with Motown.
Rockwell appeared on "Soul Train" on February 2, 1985 (Season 14, Episode 17)
Rockwell was not the first member of the Gordy family to hit Billboard's Hot 100 as a recording artist. His uncle, Robert Gordy, reached the longer reaches of the chart in 1958 with "Everyone Was There," recording under the name of Bob Kayli.
Rockwell's paternal half-sister is actress Rhonda Ross Kendrick
, the eldest child of "Diana Ross". Rockwell is also closely related to the group "LMFAO" through his half-brother Redfoo (Stefan Kendal Gordy, son of Berry Gordy and Nancy Leiviska) and his nephew SkyBlu (son of half-brother Berry Gordy IV and his wife Valerie Robeson).

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