Monday, January 28, 2013

Arnold Schwarzenegger Confirms Terminator 5 Role; Will He Play a T-800?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is currently in London, doing press for the U.K. release of" The Last Stand". During a press conference, the actor confirmed that he will be appearing in "Terminator 5" though he did not specify in what capacity. The actor then revealed that he is also officially attached to the "Twins"sequel Triplets", and "The Legend Of Conan". Back in April 2011, Arnold was attached to a version of "Terminator 5" that "Justin Lin"was set to direct. A lot has happened between now and then, with Annapurna Pictures purchasing the rights from Pacificor in May 2011, followed by Justin Lin dropping out in September 2011.

The project has picked up some steam recently, with "David Ellison" signing on to produce with his sister Megan Ellison, with script writers currently being hired.
It is not known if Arnold will be back as the T-800 Terminator model, or if he will be playing a whole new character. Since the T-800 doesn't age, they may be using CGI de-aging effects as seen in "Tron Legacy"

The sequel does not have a director attached yet, although Justin Lin previously indicated he may return if Annapurna Pictures waits for him to complete "The Fast And The Furious 6", which is set for release this May.

Well Awesome 80s' fans, it appears that Arnold was telling us the truth when he said "I'll Be Back". Although the last movie "Terminator Salvation" was a good installment in my mind, I found myself wanting the original "Terminator" to surface at some point. Additionally, I felt that there were a lot of un-answered questions left over from "Terminator 3 Rise Of The Machines". Wouldn't it be cool if Arnold actually plays the real life human that the T-800 was modeled after "Sgt. Candy", introduced to us in the DVD special features section of "Terminator 3". We soon shall see.Apparently the plan is to have a script ready for production toward the end of 2013. See the "Sgt. Candy" segment that was cut from "Rise Of The Machines" in 2003 below. Will "Linda Hamilton" BE BACK as well?  Could happen; her body was not in the coffin from the third movie. Can you believe that this movie franchise began back in 1984? There is even talk of a 'Terminator 6". Awesome 80s!

Tommy Mac

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