Friday, January 25, 2013

"Tron 3" Will Be A Reality !

Well 'Tron" fans, we have finally got some confirmation from the "Disney Studios" that another sequel to the movie franchise 'Tron" will be in production soon! Tron Legacy was an eye opening experience in modern day special effects and computer imagery, and a lot of us left the theater wanting our own light cycle. Legacy certainly wet our appetites for a continuation of the story, with the movie ending leaving abundant room for an awesome sequel. The world of "The Grid" has now spilled over into the "Real" world, when Sam, aided by his Fathers identity disc, took Qorra an advanced program through the portal into our world. So what happened afterward? Did she and Sam change the world as Kevin Flynn predicted? Did they become romantically inclined? What will Sam do now that he has taken back control of his Fathers company? Was Kevin Flynn really destroyed at the end of Legacy? Hopefully these questions and more will be answered with the new installment.

Check out this recently released movie teaser for the new film, complete with some familiar faces from the first Tron Movie. Disney has not released any release dates at this point, and it appears that a secrecy campaign is in full effect from the studio. Awesome 80s' will keep you all posted as more news is available! Mac.   P.S. Remember the scene in Legacy where Kevin Flynn, Sam and Qorra where heading for the portal on the light sail and kevin was performing some type of meditation while Sam and Qorra where laughing and joking together? Kevin then gave an expression that led me to believe that he wanted Qorra and Sam to essentially become a romantic couple, creating the new world together in the 'Real' world.Do you think that a 'Human and Program Hybrid" life form is in the Tron future?  Interesting!   Mac

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